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Artificial Insemination
Cooled Semen Shipping
Artificial insemination has become a very common means of reproduction for many breeds of dogs but it is actually a necessity for English Bulldogs, few of which can mate naturally. As a “short-nosed” breed, the bulldog’s ability to cool itself through panting is limited. If a long “tie” occurs between the male and female during natural breeding, this can result in overheating of on or both dogs. By using artificial insemination, this dangerous possibility is averted.
There are also other benefits of using artificial insemination:
  • prevents physical harm caused by a dominant or aggressive bitch
  • avoids introduction of bacteria into the female reproductive tract which can result in infection
  • greatly reduces risk of sexually transmitted disease from male to female, with no risk at all to the male
If you are located nearby, artificial insemination can be performed with fresh semen, or we can ship you cooled semen overnight.
For detailed information on artificial insemination, please see our Resources page.

Cooled semen shipments have been used for 25 years in the horse breeding industry and now dog breeders can benefit from this convenient form of long-distance breeding.

After the semen is collected from the stud, an extender is added to the sperm rich fraction of the semen to maintain longevity and motility of the sperm. A semen analysis is also performed to make sure the stud’s semen is of sufficient quality to produce puppies. The sample is then packaged and shipped to you by FedEx. If you are interested in learning more about semen collection and cooled semen transport, please visit our Resources page.

What We Need from You

Inseminating with shipped semen is not much different from inseminating with fresh semen, but there is a bit more planning involved to make sure the shipment arrives on the best day to inseminate.
  1. A copy of your female’s pedigree and photo for our records and for filling out the breeder’s information for registration (taken from the final price) to guarantee you a spot, when your female is ready.
  2. Which stud you intend to use
  3. The first day of your female’s heat (if using a vet he can tell you what day the semen will need to be inseminated).
  4. When you will need the semen. We need to know the day prior so it can be shipped overnight for next day morning delivery. We will need to know before 4:30 pm if you need semen for the next morning. NOTE: Before semen is shipped all fees must be paid in full to ensure no delay on shipment. Click here for stud fees and shipping fees.
  5. Contact name, shipping address, and phone of to whom the semen will be shipped.

When You Receive the Sample

Checking the Motility of the Sample
  • Motility of the semen sample always should be checked prior to insemination.
  • Motility analysis should always be performed on samples warmed to 37°C (chilled sperm can appear non-motile or sluggish until warmed).
  • Gently invert the sample tube several times to mix.
  • Using a pipette, place a drop of semen on a pre-warmed microscope slide and cover with a pre-warmed coverslip.
  • If available, keep the slide on a slide warmer or a heated microscope stage for a few minutes before checking the motility under the microscope.
  • If your veterinarian does not approve of the semen quality, do not inseminate the female (see breeding contract for more information).
Preparing for Insemination
  • You may chose to inseminate the entire dose, or save half for insemination on the next day. Enough semen will be shipped for either case.
  • Gently invert the sample tube several times to mix.
  • If you chose to inseminate on two consecutive days, draw up half of the semen dose into the insemination syringe and store the remaining sample in the refrigerator overnight. (Divide the sample into two doses before warming. Do not warm the sample then re-cool it.)
  • Warm the semen sample to be inseminated in your hand or pocket for a few minutes.
  • Inseminate the female immediately.

Note: At this time, we are not currently offering on-site whelping services due to time restrictions.

Many first time English Bulldog breeders do not realize it, but whelping and initial puppy care for English Bulldogs is an around the clock job.

First of all, a caesarean section is required to deliver the pups (current stats indicate that 95% of English Bulldog births are via c-section). There are several reasons why c-section is a necessity in English Bulldogs:

  • the size of the head and shoulders of the puppies makes it difficult for the female to “push” through the entire delivery
  • as bullogs are a “short-nosed” breed, they are more prone to overheating during the birthing process
  • the high incidence of “water pup” which cannot pass through the birth canal and can possibly block the entire litter from birthing.

Secondly, once the pups are born, they require hand help when feeding. This requires 24-hour supervision during feeding. In addition, the bulldog mother may accidentally lie on the puppies without realizing it, resulting in suffocation o the pup.