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they’re family.

Note: At this time, we are not currently offering on-site whelping services due to time restrictions.

Many first time English Bulldog breeders do not realize it, but whelping and initial puppy care for English Bulldogs is an around the clock job.

First of all, a caesarean section is required to deliver the pups (current stats indicate that 95% of English Bulldog births are via c-section). There are several reasons why c-section is a necessity in English Bulldogs:

  • the size of the head and shoulders of the puppies makes it difficult for the female to “push” through the entire delivery
  • as bullogs are a “short-nosed” breed, they are more prone to overheating during the birthing process
  • the high incidence of “water pup” which cannot pass through the birth canal and can possibly block the entire litter from birthing.

Secondly, once the pups are born, they require hand help when feeding. This requires 24-hour supervision during feeding. In addition, the bulldog mother may accidentally lie on the puppies without realizing it, resulting in suffocation o the pup.